What essential oil is best to help you feel less anxious?

If you’ve thought about alternative therapies to treat your issues, you’ve probably stumbled upon articles indicating aromatherapy and its researched benefits for medical conditions. There are a variety of essential oils that are available on the market. Each has been proven to help with different aspects of our everyday lives. If you’re wondering what essential oil is good for anxiety, the first one you’ll come across is lavender essential oil.

Lavender Essential Oil

One of the most popular aromatherapy choices for anxiety lavender essential oil has various anxiolytic qualities. Anxiolytics are the most common type of classes of drugs like antidepressants, antihistamines, and benzodiazepines that are typically prescribed for anxiety issues. Essential oils of lavender is used in aromatherapy to create similar effects to medications prescribed. There are other options to consider if you aren’t a fan of the lavender scent or want to try other products.

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Citrus Essential Oil

Essential oils of citrus and orange can be used to produce a more powerful, and more stimulating scent. It is a bit different from lavender essential oil, because it heightens the scenes and also provides anxiety relief. The combination of increased alertness as well as the tranquilizing effects of the anxiolytic properties creates a stable, balanced mood that can be utilized to meditate or for grounding. It is important to be aware that citrus essential oils are known to have strong smells. You might prefer a more subtle scent.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood essential oil is among of the most gentle scents currently available. Sandalwood essential oils come from the roots the East Indian Sandalwood tree. Also known as the SantalumSantalum, or the Santalum . The essential oil is known for its earthy, warm scent and the ability to reduce anxiety. It can be applied to the skin or inhaled. Sandalwood essential oil and lavender essential oil have similar capabilities to reduce anxiety. They also possess delicate scents. However, many people state that Sandalwood is among the easiest scents to enjoy through aromatherapy.


There are more than 12 essential oils that can be used for anxiety. These three suggestions are that are based on research and the popularity. It’s essential to do your research in order to discover the most effective treatment for you. Lavender essential oil and citrus essential oil and sandalwood essential oil are all highly rated and appreciated by customers for their soothing abilities. Aromatherapy can be subjective , and you may prefer to use different essential oils. Contact us or stop by today and let our well skilled staff assist you in finding the ideal essential oil to meet your needs.


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